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Use JaniScan.com on Our Site or Yours...

It all begins with a quick scan of a code...

A member of your cleaning staff arrives at their assigned location. They scan a QR Code, and it provides them with a quick and simple way of signing into work. It also provides you with a date stamp, a time stamp and a geo location. Sound good so far?

Once they are signed in they are automatically taken to their duty sheet and a page with a series of links that will open new windows with useful information: training videos, standard stock supplies and safety data sheets.

Best of all, this entire system can be used from our platform, or built into your own company WordPress website. The choice is yours.

What JaniScan.com Provides Your Team in the Field...

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Choosing the Program that is Right for Your Company...

Hosting Your Cleaning Protocols at JaniScan.com

Lease SAA Services by The Month

Intended for the smaller company, 20 cleaners or under, that would like a fixed cost contract for planning, set-up, automated reporting and a set number of hours for applying change orders to your assortment of cleaners and building-space protocols. The average cost for this program is as little as $10/cleaner/month, based upon total cleaners and length of lease. The better you plan ahead, the less you are charged!

Building the JaniScan.com Protocols into Your Website

Pay for Consulting & Design by the Hour

Designed for the larger client, with a large and multiple cleaning teams and a robust and competent office staff. In this scenario, we function as consultants (and webpage builders if you wish) to your company. We work alongside your staff to create the program into the non-indexing side of your WordPress website, and then train your in-house staff to handle all of the day-to-day management. The rate for this is $75.00/hr.

Our Program in Under 4 Minutes...

Let's Begin a Conversation...

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JaniScan.com is a division of:
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Email: info@janiscan.com | Tel: 207.944.3495

JaniScan.com provides a simple, concise and easily manageable system for collecting data, describing cleaning duties and providing clear instructions and getting full accountability.